I have just bought one of Alex’s painting. He truly deserves in the new generation. He captures perfectly and with sensitivity the emotions contained within each piece.

Anna N.

Alex is amazing! He is true artist who knows what the customer is looking for. I highly recommend him and I look forward to working with him again.

Lauren J.

I love Alex’s artwork being so modern and sensitive to the purpose. It is easy to see the message that he tries to survey with his paintings. I believe at his clients would highly appreciate vivid message that his works can deliver to anyone who views them.

Brian K.

We have found Alex artistic ability unmatched, his attention to detail is superb. We absolutely love his work. This young new artist is a true find..

Viki M.

How does he manage to create such a beauty?! I have no understanding. Tremendous! I admire very much all his artworks.

Jenifer M.

Motrych’s attention to detail in his paintings is Awe Inspiring. You feel like you are right there. … His works offer stunning use of color. (Panza’s Restaurant. Saratoga Springs. NY)

Michael P.

Oleg Motrych is a remarkable painter. I am so impressed with his perfectionism. In addition, his paintings are outstanding. I always wonder how he does such perfect work in a short period of time. That is impressive.

Bruno M.