Alex Motrych

The artist was born on May 12, 1996 in the small village of Nove – selo, in the Lviv region of Ukraine. As the first artist in his family, his art career began when he first took the brush in his hand in the age of 5. In that moment he became obsessed with art.

In kindergarten, Alex displayed huge curiosity and his art capability was apparent in the colorful pictures he painted. His teachers noticed his patience and enthusiasm for painting and encouraged him to pursue his potential. In elementary and middle school, he started to participate in local art contests were his works were recognized, mostly winning 1st place. On his path towards becoming an artist, Alex experimented with other art forms including dancing and singing, even spending 4 years in music school before entering art school at the age of 12. This curiosity and love of exploration continued to guide him as he explored color illustrations, gray-scale portraits, oil or acrylic landscapes, wall painting, stained glass, sculpture, and body-art.

At the age 16, he started taking private classes with painter-realist Yriy Smolskiy. He played a vital role in forming the young artist, teaching Alex how to make a picture more realistic by applying physical and color perspective, proportion, balance, and volume. Through this exposure to realism, Alex realized his passion for this genre of art, finding inspiration in the hyper-realistic style of Mike Dargas, Gioacchino Passini, and Jason de Graaf.

He decided to pursue art as a career, studying graphic design in Lviv Academy of Art from 2013 to 2017. From his time working with Smolskiy, Alex had a strong background in the principles of art, but at the Academy he was able to master his skills as an artist. His courses covered a diverse array of topics, such as composition, anatomy, drawing, painting, and illustration. His largest area of growth was as a graphic designer, having the opportunity to explore computer graphics, visual communication, advertising, packaging, branding, font design, web-technology, and photography. Designing changed his vision and taste dramatically. By pulling from his many interests as an artist, Alex displays his creativity in his ability to develop new and innovative ideas by applying different approaches and techniques…